Day 1: Olympic National Park

We woke up at Lake Crescent to find it still drizzling… we would find this to be the the theme most of our trip. After a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon, we headed over to the rangers station off of Hurricane Ridge to get permits for the week. We had originally planned to go back to Lake Crescent and go kayaking, but due to the weather, decided to opt for a hike instead.

We drove up the road along the Elwha River. We stopped to check out the remnants of the old dam and a few creeks along the road.

We continued up Whiskey Bend Road to the trailhead for Goblin Gates.

The hike to Goblin Gates was fairly easy. We ate lunch on a rock which hung out over the water.


After lunch, we decided to head up the river a bit more and then cut back to the main trail.


On the drive back to Lake Crescent, we we stopped to check out Madison and Marymere Falls.



Day 0: Olympic National Park


Daniel and I left Seattle mid-day Sunday and drove to Olympic National Park. It rained almost the entire drive. We arrived at the Fairholme campsite around 5 pm – a drive up site located on Lake Crescent. The site has just opened for the season and we found ourselves the only campers the first night. Since none of the sites were occupied, we were able to grab the best site – a spot in the corner located on the lake.


We set our hammocks and tents since we would be there two nights. I slept in my hammock both nights, but kept all of my gear in my tent. I was pretty disorganized when we first arrived – being able to organize it all in my tent out of the rain was crucial.

I was also a little nervous to sleep in my tent as the temperature was dropping fast as we setup camp. I recently purchased an under quilt from UGQ. This was my first time using it… if I got too cold during the night, I figured I would hop into my tent. The quilt worked great and I was able to stay in my hammock both nights!

Let the Kayak Adventures Begin

I decided to buy three kayaks this weekend. I was originally only planning on two, but…


One of the boats is a Delta 14 (the long red boat). I am planning to go to Lake Jocassee in a few weeks and check out some waterfalls. It will be about a 6 mile paddle across the lake where we will setup camp and do some exploring. Not sure what is next on the list. I have tossed around the idea of the Okefenokee Swamp, kayaking to Cumberland Island, something along the Smoky Mountains…  If anyone has suggestions, please let me know! 


The other two boats are two sit on top kayaks from Liquid Logic. These I plan to mostly use on the Chattahoochee River. I chose these over some cheaper options because they feel more like a whitewater boat, have a wheel, and room for Bella to sit in the front.


Get ready for lots of selfie kayak photos!